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Contract our software developers or outsource entire engineering process to us.

Blockchain, IoT, big data and machine learning are our passion along with regular custom software deliveries in automotive, banking, insurance, large enterprises, production industry etc.

Integration of all our solutions to your existing systems and workflows of customer and 3rd parties applications such as SAP, Oracle, Sharepoint, etc.

120+ software experts with 10+ years of the average experience. 200+ delivered and maintained software products (banking, insurance, automotive and healthcare) in USA, Europe and Russia /40+ countries/ guarantees you to get, what you need for your business.

Austria  Austria Germany  Germany
Allianz Technology GmbH, Insurance BMW, Automotive, IoT
USA  USA Slovakia  Slovakia
BR Instrument LLC, IoT, Machine Learning PricewaterhouseCoopers, Finance
Austria  Austria Austria  Austria
HALE Electronics Gmbh, Automotive, IoT Erste Group Bank AG, Banking
Czech Republic  Czech Republic USA  USA
Home Credit International, a.s., Finance AFS Visicom Inc. Retail, Sales

120+ software experts

Android developer

iOS & Xamarin

C# .NET engineer

Java & Javascript

Our services

Outsourcing end-to-end project development

We cover software development lifecycle from analysis, UX, UI design, architecture, development, project management and testing to deliver your product with long-term maintenance and support.

Personal leasing of dedicated developers

Contract our software engineers to empower your dev team. Either they can join your onsite team or work remotely from our offices.

Consult your software development challenge

Hesitated what technology, framework is time and cost effective to create your product? Have problems with stability or performance in your app or database? Our experts can consult your case and give advice to progress faster and achieve your expected outcome.

Software development, Body Leasing, Integration, Architecture, IT Security audit, Penetration tests, Security Consulting, Analysis, Big data, AR, VR, AI, IOT, Consulting, Testing, Industry 4.0, Digital transformation, Blockchain, CMS, CRM, Data visualization

& technologies

  • Automotive, lean production, banking and insurance
  • IoT Industry 4.0, blockchain
  • Machine learning, AI, big data
  • Computer vision, augmented & virtual reality
  • Robotics and embedded systems
  • Security, penetration tests and reverse engineering
  • Analysis, graphic UI & UX design, software architecture, agile development & testing, project management, quality assurance, release, maintenance & support.

“Logamic guys are leaders in the Microsoft technologies and thanks to their passion for Xamarin and .NET it is a pleasure to cooperate with them.”

Milan Hrabovský | DX Lead, Microsoft Czech republic and Slovakia


  • HALE electronics Gmbh logo HALE electronics Gmbh
    automotive, IoT
    austria  austria
  • AFS Visicom Inc. logo AFS Visicom Inc.
    retail, sales
    USA  USA
  • BR Instrument LLC logo BR Instrument LLC
    laboratory hardware, IoT, machine learning
    USA  USA
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers logo PricewaterhouseCoopers
    slovakia  slovakia
  • Allianz Technology GmbH logo Allianz Technology GmbH
    austria  austria
  • Home Credit International, a.s. logo Home Credit International, a.s.
    czech republic  czech republic
  • Erste Group Bank AG  logo Erste Group Bank AG
    austria  austria

Android fiscal cash register


Cash Register is an IoT mobile app for taxi drivers which connects external invoice printer and taximeter using Bluetooth. Enables the customers to pay by card and cash. All data including GPS are tracked and kept in local phone storage as well as on server. Distributed in 40 countries.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods applications


Providing full-stack web and mobile Developers as well as testers to deliver web, iOS and Android solutions for sales reps in the fast moving consumer goods segment for customers as Nestle, Pepsi all over the world. Using Scrum agile methodology in 3 weeks sprints. The Android app has around 300 screens, so it’s beyond any common app that can be downloaded from the stores. Sales representatives create orders through it, so it needs to be one-hundred-percent reliable and crash-free. It handles customer data and monetary transactions, which go to the SAP backend.

Technologies: Kotlin/Java Android, C#/ Xamarin iOS/Android, React, C#, .NET, MSSQL

Development of information system


Engineering entire software infrastructure to manage and control laboratory hardware. The laboratory technician runs and monitors the chemical processes via Windows app. Android and iOS apps support long runs. The backend runs on Raspberry Pi with Linux and collects data such as pressure, temperature from the sensors.

Technologies: C# .NET Windows client, Python backend server, iOS

Android and iOS apps


Providing developers to do real-time trading on the stock market.

Technologies: React, Rust, C#

Retail insurance software


Scrum Agile development to turn monolid code into microservices architecture and dockerisation of the project.

Technologies: Angular, Java, Springboot, Hibernate, Linux

Android and iOS apps

czech republic

Providing iOS and Android senior developers to lead development to bring the quality and security of financial applications to Philipines. Leading the development of personal loans and credit card apps in Philipines. Providing Software Architect and backend developers to run test and behavioral driven development in headquarter team in Prague, Czech Republic.

Technologies: Kotlin Android, Swift iOS, Flutter, C#, .NET, Jira, Git

Contracting PHP and React developers


Providing one Scrum agile team to deliver end to end feature to mobile and web internet banking. Team consisting of a Product Owner, Scrum Master, UI/UX designer, business analyst, 2 Swift/iOS, 2 Kotlin/Android, 2 React, 4 Kotliv/Java backend developers, 3 Manual and automated testers and a DevOps Specialist. Doing peer programming. One developer was writing the classes and functions and another was writing unit tests.

Technologies: Swift, Kotlin, React, Java, Springboot, SQL

120+ software experts
10+ years of average experience
200+ successful projects

Currently we have 120+ SW experts: 78 SW developers, 2 UI/UX Graphic designers, 3 Business and IT analysts, 24 Manual and Automated testers, 5 DevOps experts, 5 Scrum masters, 2 Product owners, 3 Project managers and 2 Security specialists.

200+ successfully delivered enterprise B2B and B2C projects in last 10+ years in USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Russia. Sustainability, quality, loyalty and long-term partnership are our core values. Connecting the top software engineers with innovative projects to deliver the expected outcome such as process automation, higher revenue, more satisfied users.

Headquartered in Slovakia with development teams in Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.


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