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The guys from Logamic are leaders in the Slovak Xamarin community and thanks to their passion for
Xamarin it is a pleasure to cooperate with them on activities focused around developer audience. Milan Hrabovský, DX Lead, Microsoft Czech republic and Slovakia

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Mobile software experts

4 teams of mobile app developers.
Xamarin certified experts, Java Android engineers, Swift and Objective-C developers innovating the native and cross-platform development by creating fast and cost effective iOS and Android apps.

How we work

Our work

We have been developing mobile applications for more than 6 years delivering 50+ solutions to startups and multinational enterprises. Xamarin is our passion and together with Microsoft we organize meetups, hackathons and conferences sharing knowledge with the mobile development community

Why to select Xamarin to develop mobile applications

Xamarin is a highly sophisticated Microsoft technology used to develop mobile apps on all platforms. These and many other well known brands trust Xamarin to develop their core mobile applications.


Xamarin benefits

The main benefits are engineering time reduction and cost effective development, 100% performance as well as access to all native functionality and user interfaces on Android, iOS and Windows.

Cost effective development

One technology based on .NET framework and C# programming language covering iOS,Android and Windows. The result is a mobile software engineer with just one required skillset for all mobile platforms, which significantly reduce the development costs

Shorter development time

Up to 80% code share across the mobile platforms enables to shorten the engineering process, reducing required mandays to rollout the application.

Native look and experience

All user interface components and native level functionalities available in SWIFT iOS and Java Android can be accessed in Xamarin using C#.

Native performance on all mobile platforms.

C# Xamarin solutions are as fast as Swift iOS and Java Android mobile applications because C# programming language is as powerful as Swift for iOS and even faster than Java for Android.

Calculate your time and budget saving with Xamarin

For example: if creating a Swift iOS and Java Android applications takes 160 man-days, you can save 56 man-days to create both apps using Xamarin. If 1 man-day costs 400 € then you save 25 600 € and have the apps ready 3 months earlier.

Contact us

If you want to add a dedicated Xamarin developer to your team, or you wish us to cover the entire development process for you or if you would just like to consult Xamarin mobile development feel free to contact us.

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